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These Coca-Cola Converse Shoes Are The Coolest Way To Stan Y
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Dołączył: 17 Sie 2018
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Wysłany: 2018-08-17, 05:30   These Coca-Cola Converse Shoes Are The Coolest Way To Stan Y

There is now a new sneaker collection for those who appreciate a more branded approach to their wardrobe. The new Coco-Cola x Converse x KITH collaboration brings mens converse shoes on sale together the classic branding of the 126 year old soft drink with the effortless coolness of Converse sneakers, creating a line of shoes that are less "billboard" and more "streetstyle cool"But there's more to this collection than just your answer to the age-old question of, "Pepsi or Coke?" Designer Ronnie Fieg of streetwear label KITH was the one tapped into to create this collaboration, and he turned this concept into a global one. Coming in four different colorways and featuring the iconic Chuck Taylor 1970 shoe, he reimagined the high tops to represent four different countries through each of their designs: the United States, France, Russia, and China.

"womens converse shoes on sale When working with Coke, I work on products I want to collect and make sure its kept pinnacle in the timeline. Bridging Coke and Converse was a no brainer for me. Two all American pioneer brands that stand for so much more than the goods they create," Fieg shared in a sneak peek post on his Instagram account. "For this round we used raw edged heavy weight denim in colors to represent different countries and languages that are all so iconic to the world. The countries presented in this collection are USA, France, Russia, and China."Oversized Coca-Cola logos are embroidered on the backs of the denim shoes, with their branding written in different languages across the denim uppers. In addition to the soda label written in each country's corresponding text, the soles of the sneakers are a translucent green, inspired by the green glass used for original Coke bottles. In order to tie in the KITH collaboration, the retailer's label is also stamped on the gummy soles of the shoes as well as embroidered on top of a bottle-cap-design that sits on top of the Coca-Cola embellishments.

clearance converse shoes outlet sale This collaboration won't only include shoes, though. There will also be apparel involved in this line drop, where you will be able to choose from two Rugby shirts, a varsity jacket, a selection of t-shirts, and mini soda cans that are co-branded with Coca-Cola and KITH.The varsity jacket will throw you right back into the '80s, with its bold red and white bands.
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